Friday, May 12, 2006


Last Day of School! Hooray!

After today, Noah will officially be a third grader. And you know, it's funny. This homeschooling thing really has it's perks. Without giving you my diatribe on the "Benefits of Schooling Your Own Children", there is ONE thing that I really like about it:


Before I homeschooled, it was weird how that time of the year just didn't seem to have the luster that it once had. When I was a child, I LIVED for summer vacations! The last few months of school were pure torture, expecially in high school. And no, I was too much of a "goody-two-shoes" to enjoy a "skip day" here and there (besides, Dad woulda had my hide!). So summer vacation was my time, man.

But after graduation was over--so were the benefits. I started off by going to college right away--that summer. Quite the rude awakening. And until I had Michaela, I worked every summer. Which was sooooo weird. You just FELT like you needed to be somewhere having fun. Getting up early for work was just plain HARD. Like something wasn't right.....

But no more, man. Now, I'm the teacher. Now, I have 3 months of freedom. We can go to the park, and to the lake, and shopping whenever, and we can sleep in (well, when Michaela's done school, in a couple weeks), and hang out with friends. I can take the kids swimming and on trips, and keep them up late. All because it's summer.

Just chalk another one up for Homeschooling!


Kelly said...

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Daryl Cobranchi said...


You really don't have to wait for "summer vacation" to do those things. My kids sleep as late as they like all year long.

Kelly said...


True! Yet, I'm WAY too structured in my head to allow myself to do those things guilt free!

Not to mention, Noah is continually distracted, and will take hours to accomplish things....we need to start pretty close to 9 am generally. I'd like to sleep that late most days!

Elizabeth said...

Hey! I almost called you the other day but it was dinner time and I figured you had your hands full - but funny thing... I went to an expo on homeschool stuff - I know - I'm a little ahead of the game but a friend of mine home schools and I've started planning in my head and it was a good excuse to hang out with her and for me to get to see the requirements. Anyhoo - love you!