Friday, May 12, 2006

OK, That's Just WRONG

Giving Noah his last spelling test of the year (see previous post), and the word is "pull".

(Don't ask me WHY this spelling curriculum thinks that 2nd graders need words like "pull" at the very end of the year. Needless to say, I will be switching to something more challenging next year!)

But after I recite the word, he goes on to ask me:

"Did you say 'pull'?"

"Yeah. Pull. As in, 'Let's pull the wagon'."

"OH. See, you need to use sentences, because I though you said 'pull', like 'the North Pull'."

"NO Noah, that's 'pole'----OOOOOOO. I said 'pull'-------UUUUUHHHHHH."


What is going on here?!?! Do I have to speak Southern just so that my kid can understand me? Since when does 'pull' sound like "pole"???

Someone needs to get me a Northern/Southern translation dictionary, and a pen so I can mark down all these pronunciations I'm gonna have to learn.

NO! I don't want a PIN! I said PEN! EH! EH!


Kelly said...

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Elizabeth said...

This is quite funny coming from you - one who went to Tulsa for like A WEEK and came back with a full on southern accent - and nearly got it back because of Andy and Troy - mostly andy. :) Sheesh! Glad to know you're sticking to your nothern roots though. ;) hA!