Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sidebars Are Wonderful Things

Just think of it as my little "information booth".

It's the sidebar, courtesy of Blogger, who had the foresight to realize that people needed a catch all. A junk drawer. A filing cabinet.

At least, this is how I use mine.

And if you are the perceptive type person that I know you are, then you've noticed the changes I've made to the sidebar every so often.

Well, I've made another one.

Consider yourself informed!


Danielle said...

I noticed!!!

Like that Michaela has her own section. Easy for us to catch up on her.

Fancy-shmancy flashy icon for Grand Rounds! LOL

Miranda said...

Hi Kelly,

I came across your blog from another Mommy blog and just had to tell you that your children are gorgeous. I became caught up and read your whole blog (I'm still not sure where I found the time!).

Michaela is a beautiful little girl and is in our prayers!