Sunday, November 27, 2005

Girl, Interrupted

Bad day for Boo.

Boo, aka Michaela, has been having non-stop absence seizures for days now. Atypical absence, to be precise. I always wondered how in the world some epileptic kids could have 100's of seizures a day. See, I was naive then. Michaela was only having 1 GTC (aka generalized tonic clonic, grand mal) a week. And I was freaking out!

Now we've entered the realm of the "million dollar seizure disorder". You know, the one where if you had a dime for every seizure your kid's had, you'd be a millionaire? Yeah, these absence thingys put us over the top. We're on our way to 2 million buckaroos, baby.

She just can't complete anything right now. Sentances are like, non-existant.


"Yeah Boo?"

"Mama, uh..."



"Uh huh?"

"Look at that...."

"Look at what?"



Walking's not much better. Yeah, she can (right now, at least), but what's the use when all she does is walk around in circles shaking her head? It's as if she has a goal, but forgets what it is 3 seconds later. I'm not kidding. It's that quick. And that's how she spends her day. Walking around in circles, getting out half sentances. She's been like this before; and when she was, we had to put her in a wheelchair just to keep her from wandering aimlessly. Maybe it won't get to that point this time.....maybe.

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Jen said...

Oh Kell. Not the same exact situation, but I so know how you feel. About the wandering and losing the train of thought. It's so sad to see our babies live that way, being so young.