Thursday, February 21, 2008

Growing Up

There's been a whole lotta growing up going on around here. The process tends to slow down once kids get to a certain age, but my 3 youngest are still hitting milestones and keeping things exciting in that department.

Which, I'm thankful it's the 3 youngest, because I'm flat-out not ready for the kind of milestones my 3 oldest are going to throw my way in the not-too-distant future. Can I get an "Amen?"


Let's start with Libby:

She just turned five. FIVE. That's just so big! I can't believe she's five now.

Five is so neat to me. A lot like four was, mainly because Michaela never really made it that far. Of course she was that age years ago, but she never really was mentally five or perhaps not even four. So Libby is just this whole new world for me. A five-year-old girl! It's so different from a boy, and five is just pretty big and capable and all. I really enjoy her girlie side, too, which is kinda strange seeing as how I never was very girlie in any sense of the word. But she likes baby dolls, and purses, and shoes, and beads, and pink. Those sections of Toys 'R' Us used to be completely foreign to me, but now I'm starting to enjoy them a bit. It took 30+ years, but I think I'm getting a little girlie too!

She writes her name, reads beginner books (ie: Dick and Jane), can make her own bed, and feeds the cat. She's definitely melodramatic (as a girl should be, I guess), gets hurt somewhat easily, and runs like a .......well, girl. As the "only" girl, she tries to do, be, and play like the boys, but that doesn't always work out. The other day, she ventured into the woods to play with the boys in their forts, but couldn't do it without crying for fear of the unknown and the occasional scrapes the briers produced on her legs. I know she was trying to be brave and boy-like because she told me that when she's 6, she won't cry when she goes into the woods.

I don't know, I think I love her because she cried. She's just everything I'd want a little girl to be.


Asher is potty training. I would say he's trained, but last night, he soaked himself in the church nursery. That was the first accident he's had since Tuesday morning, though. That was the morning he decided that he was going to tell me he had to go to the bathroom, and actually went. For MONTHS he has categorically refused to use the potty. I would do everything I could think of, and NOTHING would change his mind on using the diaper OR the floor. Can you believe that? He would use the floor and just act like nothing happened! I mean, he's almost 3 for pete's sake!

But he's a pro now (well except for the problem in nursery). He's in underwear all day without a mistake. That includes naps! I got him some truck pull-ups for the nighttime, but I'm hoping that he will train good in that area as his older brothers and sister did. They didn't need pull-ups very long. I might be able to keep him dry in one package worth. That'd sure be nice. Considering how long he's been in diapers, my pocketbook needs a break!

He looks pretty proud, doesn't he?


Gabe is.......

He's the youngest to start. And yes, I know, 13 months is pretty late for most kids, but compared to my others he's early. 3 didn't walk until 15 months, one at 18, and one walked 2 days before 14 months (the previous earliest one). All the kids are getting the biggest kick out of seeing him walk everywhere. Used to be they'd alert me EVERY time he walked a few steps from the table to the couch. Now he walks from one side of the kitchen to the other. He still knows that crawling is the fastest method, but he seems to like being a "big boy" and getting around like the others.

He's chatting quite a bit as well. If you catch him in a good mood, he will all-but talk your ear off. He sounds like he's speaking intelligently, just in a different language. This morning, he was soooo cute by whispering all kinds of sweet nothings to me. If it weren't for the fact he was slobbering all over my nose, it would've been double cute :)

I can't believe my baby's walking. Man, he's gonna be riding a bike in no time. Sure feels weird to know he's the last one and all. I keep expecting to find myself pregnant all the time.

Can't say I haven't enjoyed every second though. Cuz I have.

I guess growing up is hard to do when you're growing old, too.


Nicky said...

Sweet post kell, I enjoyed. It brought some tears to my eyes. What can I say... I'm a girl

AlabamaBrands said...

Fun post!!

baby trevor's mommy said...

How cute!

Isn't it SO fun watching them grow up! Altho I keep telling my just turned 3 yr old that she has to stop growing. Every day she tells me "Sorry, mommy, but I'm growing up anyway."

Oh...and I once heard that the toddler years are reflective of those "not too distant" years you'll be facing soon. So a hearty AMEN from me! :O)

All the best...


Denna said...

It is fun watching them grow up, but it is also sad. Before you blink they will be graduating.
Love the videos.

pushypaws said...

I've loved reading your blogs again and this one was extra special - in particular, seeing the "movies." Not as good as being there, but still Grandpa and I loved getting to watch. Now as to Gabe walking ... yeahhhh. And I still think I've got a corner on the market when it comes to late walkers. Chris 15 months, Jon, about 13 months, I think Livi was 14 months, and I know that Jes was 17 months. Yup - all you parents of late walkers can take heart. Jes turned out to be a great swimmer, a wonderful all round athlete, and even a marathon runner. She certainly has laid to rest any concerns you might have about late walkers. So congratulations Mr. Gabe - Grandpa and Grandma Morris send you a giant hug!

JSmith5780 said...

Potty trained BEFORE 3?? I am SO jealous. Austin was 4.5, Ben was 3.5. Now I have Connor, who just turned 4. He has ZERO desire. he doesn't even care if he's wet or poopy. I just don't know what to do. AND you have them night trian your kids quickly? Can you move in for a few weeks? PLEASE!!!

Loved the videos and pictures. No girl in my house but me. I guess I just get to spoil my nieces. I miss that wide gait early walking. It's so cute... and exciting!