Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Challenge

One of my close friends and I are in the middle of an all-out war. It's not pretty. Only one party will win, and the other will lose badly. Very badly.

I intend to be the winning party.


To those who know me, and those who have read this blog for awhile, it's an obvious fact that I am overweight. To those who don't know this (especially since I don't post my picture on this site), let's just spell it out for you:

Can you say 60 POUNDS?

Yeah. Seriously.

Well, there it is, out there for everybody. No hiding it, no shrinking behind the 6 kids I birthed in 10 years. Just the plain awful truth. 60 irritating pounds that my heart could live without (as opposed to dying WITH).

But why is it that 60 pounds feels so.....uh......yummy? Like a nice fat slice of double chocolate cake? I mean, I even feel that way to OTHER people I'm sure. Squishy. Kinda like how my Grandmother felt back when she was alive. Mmmmmmm.

Well.....back when she hadn't died of a heart problem.

ok.......welll then.....


The Challenge is this:

My friend Jeremy (who just happens to ALSO be overweight--but I'm not telling how much he has to lose. HE can tell y'all! Comon' Jer! It's like they do in AA!) decided that we needed to lose weight again. I say "again" because the last time we had a challenge like this, he was trying to get married, and he took the baton and totally RAN with it. In other words, he blew me out of the water and I still owe him a nice dinner for winning. But I digress.....

Anyhow, the Challenge. So we both need to lose weight, and whoever loses the most by Dec 31st gets a big, fat whompum prize from the loser. Which would be him. Cuz I'm NOT losing this time. The stakes are really too high. I need to lose it, I'm done having kids. No more excuses for me.

But, since it became painfully obvious that he loses weight faster and in larger quantities than I, we decided that we should go by a percentage. Whoever loses the higher PERCENTAGE wins the Challenge. He would like to lose a higher percentage than I, but I don't think he's gonna pull it off. Frankly, I just think I'm the bigger loser in general. I just have more will power.

Oh, not to mention, I want to beat him VERY BADLY.


One way I intend to win this Challenge is to keep myself accountable to those around me. I really don't care if EVERYBODY knows I'm losing weight and calls me on it constantly. In fact, I signed up for an online log, so I write down everything I'm eating and how many Weight Watcher points the stuff is (see, cuz I'm doing Weight Watchers, for now). As of right now, I get 27 points a day, and 35 extra points a week.

Here's my log so far for today:

I think I'm gonna try to stick this on my sidebar so you can click on it whenever you want, whether I post or not. I'm also putting a ticker up there to show how much I've lost. Talk about accountability! Feel free to check up on me as often as you like. Oh, and comment. Talk smack all you want. I need the push.

I need to WIN.


Feel free to join me on my little adventure to winning! Just let me know what you're doing, and maybe you can even put a ticker on your site too. We're not talking New Year's resolutions here people! We're talking LIFESTYLE changes! Working out and everything! No more couch potatoes! No more super sizing! No more Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

OHHHHHHH!'s getting painful already.....


JeniBeans said...

no more reese's? ...can that really be DONE?
I have a goal too...getting exercise no less than 3 x per week. The only thing is...the only time I really feel I can do it is early in the morning. No, not so no one sees me, but i have to have peace and quiet. So not only do I have to exercise but I have to get up before everyone else.

double whammy. but in the end (no pun intended) I will be glad I did.

you can do it. and if you need a smack-talker, i'm your girl! =)

AlabamaBrands said...

So, the biggest "looser" wins?

Best wishes to both of you!!

jes said...

LOVE YOU!!!! i am so proud of you woman!!! you are gorgeous any way you come, but your heart and energy will soooo boost once you've lost it. just let me know what i can do... one suggestion i have, and of course coming from me it makes sense, take a picture at specific monthly or bimonthly, so you can physically see the difference. it will help motivate you to continue! talk to you soon hon!

JSmith5780 said...

Um yeah, 60 over is about where I am at. Are you basing that on the BMI charts? I hate those charts. I am NOT as brave as you though. I set a goal of 30 lbs by my cousin's wedding in August. My neighbor's set a goal of 30 for May 30. I'll be happy if I lose 20 even.

Preaching to the choir, but I am exhausted after working all day and "taking care of the family" all evening. I am finding it so hard to get motivated in the evenings to work out with the neighbors. But I am trying. Not easy when I am also trying to quit smoking and my husband is working 20 hours a week OT.

I will do what I can to keep you on task if you keep me on task! My mother has always done great with WW. I hope it works for you! And my Aunt LOVES the walking tapes!

Jes said...

Kelly - Congrats!!! I did this last year with my husband. He lost 55 lbs and I lost 27 lbs. I have another 8 to go but I am not sweating the small stuff. You are exactly right it is a life change. I did weight watchers and started exercising and it has become a way of life. I feel so much better and I think I look better. Go Kelly I am here routing for you. Post pics - we want to see the changes with you (for those of us that do not live near by)

baby trevor's mommy said...

okay so I just happened to stumble on your site...

and LOVED it...

all but the losing weight part I mean. Just when I was coming to terms with the fact that some people (like mwah) just happen to look cute go and blow it to bits! Ugh...I now I can't go get that bowl of ice cream that I'm totally craving! DRat you! :O)

Anyway...I'll be back...

and maybe...a BIG maybe...I'll actually join your challenge too!