Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm Losing It, You Guys

I took a test today to see if my "dialect" was more Yankee or Southern. And according to the test, I'm "barely Yankee."

Me? Barely Yankee?

How strange!

The weird thing about the test was this: I took it the first time, seeing the options for each question, and trying to answer it the way I've always known. And yet, this born and raised Yank came out only BARELY Northern!

Then, I went and took the test again, this time answering in ways that I would NOW that I've lived in Alabama for 6 years. (For example, in the past, I would've addressed a crowd as "You guys" or "You all." Now, I say "y'all" quite frequently.)

And it said I was 97% Dixie. It asked if General Lee was my father!

So, the synopsis is this: You can be born anywhere in the country, but if you live in the South for any length of time, you WILL talk like a redneck.

I'm walkin', talkin' proof, y'all.


JeniBeans said...

my score was...
56% (Dixie). Barely into the Dixie category.

LOL What you said IS true though...the day after moving to this state I was forced to go to school. I came home the very same day speaking the local language. Ask my ma. LOL

JSmith5780 said...

This was really cool. I was born in Texas and lived there until I was took me a long time to lose my southern accent and some of the terminology (I still call them colors on occasion instead of crayons!). I can be with a southerner for a day and I have a slight drawl back. It drives my husband crazy. So I was very curious to see how I'd do. I was 50%, barely Yankee!

Chrystal said...

Why does Ya'll have to be redneck? I happen to like saying ya'll, it's much easier than saying, you guys, or you all, yet I get so much slack for it sometimes! It's funny, I grew up in Florida and I never would have thought I had an accent till I came to Oklahoma. I daily got asked where I was from. After five years, I probably get it asked once or twice a month, if that! And your parents talk REALLY funny to me!

pushypaws said...

I'm a yankee through and through. I mean really. Even NJ is a Yankee. Nevertheless, I tested 100% Dixie! now that's just plain wrong! Who writes these things anyway?

Adventures In Babywearing said...

When I go down south to see relatives, I am called a Yankee. But it doesn't take too long until I am saying "ya'll" and takin on the drawl!


Perfectly Aged said...

Oh my, I thought for sure I would get a northern accent score here is my score:
62% (Dixie). A definitive Southern score! My kids tell me all the time I'm a country Cuban, now I'm starting to believe it :)

Denna said...

Do you realize it has been a month since you have posted? What is wrong with you Kelly? Surely YOU are not busy. LOL
Thinking of you.