Sunday, March 11, 2007


I have been trying to lose some weight now that I'm "done" having kids. Actually, I could stand to lose about 50-60 pounds, lower my cholesterol, increase my metabolism, and do my heart some good. I need to change some old habits, and make some new ones. In particular, I have to get out more and exercise. That's hard for me, but I think I've found a slot in my day when I can get out and get some air and bring my heart rate up a bit.

Part of my new regimin will be changing our eating habits. Notice I didn't say, "My" eating habits. We all eat "not the greatest" and can all stand a little overhaul in our diet. I've changed it before, when Michaela had diet restrictions, and I know we can make it work again. The hard part is paying for the Better food. It's more costly to buy fresh veggies and leaner meats. But we're gonna try. I know HOW to eat healthy, I just have to make it happen.

A friend of mine posted a "recipe" (actually, it wasn't what you'd consider a recipe, just a list of ingredients) on her blog recently, and we've come to love it. It's can be really healthy (especially if you eat it with lean meat), and very yummy, and it makes me feel good to feed it to everyone. So, I'm gonna post it here, more in recipe form, and you can all tell me if you like it.......thanks Rebecca!

Rebecca's Pasta

One bag of frozen peppers (the tri-color and onions mix)
One bag of frozen cut-leaf spinach
2 cans of italian diced tomatoes
1 pound of pasta (your choice--we like Barilla's Penne Plus)
1 pound of meat (again, your choice--we like smoked sausage)
2T Olive oil
Minced garlic
Italian seasoning
Salt and Pepper

Cut meat into bite-size pieces. Using a large pan, saute garlic and meat in olive oil over med-high/high heat until cooked through (eliminate this step if using sausage). Add all vegetables. Meanwhile, cook pasta according to directions. Add seasoning and spices to vegetable/meat mixture according to taste. Let simmer on medium heat until vegetables are tender and meat is heated through. Drain cooked pasta and add to mixture. Serve with salad and/or fresh bread. Serves 8 (approx.).

Our whole family eats this dish, and we still have a good amount of leftovers to spare. I think 8 adults could share this if they had the sides with it.

Oh, and if you couldn't tell, it's VERY easy to make. I've made it on Sunday afternoons after church, and it doesn't take very long to put it together at all (we're all starving after church, and hate to wait!).

Also, I love all the color in this meal! And from what I hear, that's a good thing when you're eating vegetables. A healthy combination that tastes good--who woulda thunk it?

Does anyone else have any other yummy/healthy/easy meals they want to share? I'm looking for some more good ideas!


Awesome Mom said...

My favorite recipe place of all time is People are adding new ones all the time and the recipes are rated so that you are more likely to get a really good one. Go check it out and I think you will forget about buying a cook book ever again.

JSmith5780 said...

My biggest problem is my picky eater kids...well two of them anyway. Connor will eat anything. Plus Jeff is in school two nights a week. Let me know if you get any more yummy recipes.

Rebecca said...

I'm glad you guys like this! It really is one of our favorites, and I consider it a healthy, easy, and yummy! combo. Our favorite meat is chicken, but I'll have to try the Italian Sausage I have in the freezer next time. Thanks for the comment! Love you guys, and I love reading your blog! You're a great writer!

Alabamabrands said...

Here's one from my friend that looks yummY!!
And here is a recipe site for bloggers