Thursday, January 11, 2007

You Got it Denna!

My friend Denna was wondering why I haven't posted any pictures lately (try forever?).

I had been having trouble with my camera for some time before the holidays, and I just didn't want to fool with it. I mean, I was having a hard enough time POSTING, nevermind dealing with a a persnickity camera. It just seemed like the new-ish battery we bought wouldn't hold a charge.

Hence, the reason for the severe decline in photo shoots.

BUT! My dear hubby was so gracious to buy me a new digital camera for Christmas! And the battery works swimmingly! (Not to mention the 1 GB memory card-woohoo!)

(And the old camera? The battery charger wasn't plugged in.......for months.......whoops! Oh well, it WAS 4-years-old and somewhat antiquated :)


Denna said...

Great Pictures. What kind of camera did you get?
I have missed your wonderful post and pictures.
I understand. You have been a busy bee the past few months. I have thought about you so much this week. I have had a very rough week. One of those weeks when you wish you could start the week over, or at least go to bed and try to drown everything out. You have been my inspiration this week. You just don't know how much you have been a blessing to me this week. In fact, I think I have thought about you every day.
Love ya,

jes said...

love the pics sis! miss you all sooo much! i would love to come and visit... hopefully i will be able to find some time this spring...