Friday, October 20, 2006

A Horse is A Horse

Of Course, Of Course

Unless that horse is a Charlie Horse.

Of which, I had one just last night, and YEOW! Do those things HURT!


For all you young women, unmarried women, or unwomen types, let me just help you with this little anecdote regarding pregnancy: leg cramps are a pain in the neck!

Errr....LEG, that is.

It is a common occurance in the gestational months. For some reason, if your calcium levels get a little low, the muscles in your legs---specifically the calf muscles---pitch a fit. And this seems to happen a lot at night. You'll be sleeping, finally, and not getting up to go to the bathroom for the 5th time, and not tossing and turning, and the baby-to-be has finally ended their gymnastics routine, and all of a sudden......


That leg just starts screaming. And YOU start screaming. And your husband runs for his gun.

OK, well, SOME husbands might...


I had been suffering with leg cramps yesterday evening. They were "pre-charlie horse" leg cramps. Like, you could tell it was coming, but it wasn't that bad. Just real tight, and I felt as though "Restless Leg Syndrome" must feel just like this. I couldn't keep still. My calves just ached.

The night wore on, and the aching eased a bit as I continued to change positions. I pretty much forgot about it. The legs felt fine.

Until 5 am.

Can't tell you what I was dreaming about. I was pretty much slammed out of sleep to the awful reality that my calf muscles had set off a bomb in the subway system of my lower leg.

But my husband, my sweet sweet husband, awoke at the first "AAAAAAA!!" and proceeded to rescue me from my painful predicament. Actually, he didn't exactly wake up, because he's done this so many times in our 9+ years of marriage. He more or less determined the leg of offense and quickly and precisely slammed his fist into a pressure point on the bottom of my foot. This stopped the pain immediately. To which I fell back down on the pillow, panting, grateful for a husband who uses his fist for something other than anger.

I'm not quite sure how he did it, but he figured out this little maneuver back when I was pregnant the first time, with Michaela. Back then, I got these "bombs" every night. And Chris is now a pro, 6 kids later. He can perform this in his sleep. To which, I'm thankful, because MAN! those suckers HURT!

So ladies, if you find your pregnant self plagued by visits from a horse named Charlie, be sure to have YOUR husband ask MY husband about that little trick.

Oh, and don't forget to drink your milk.


tesiamaria said...

Any type (not just the "baby" kind) of calcium deficiency will put you on Charlie's Horse (I know cause I've had em'). I'd been eating almost no carbs AT ALL for a looong time... So... I didn't get any calcium.

BAD idea.

VERY bad idea.

So, I'm with you Kel...I know viotlent wake-ups aren't fun but, VERY PAINFUL violtent wake-ups are even worse.

Alabamabrands said...

I never really had those- thankfully.
It probally only happened two or three times (times, not pregnancies).

SO glad your husband knows what to do..
Don't forget your vitamins!!

Denna said...

They do hurt. I have got them before and it was terrible. Kevin gets them more than me. I will remember your advice, and slam the bottom of his foot the next time. LOL

JSmith5780 said...

Ah, I feel your pain...been there done that.

Reason for my post. I just attended a local Epilepsy Foundation Conference and I wanted to spread the word that the National Foundation is organizing a March on Washington. They have 'reserved' the National Mall for this occasion. If you can make it, great, if not, pass the word. March 31st...Epilepsy takes on Washington.


Chrystal said...

Wow, sounds like that hurts! Hopefully I won't have those when I get pregnant!

Vanessa said...

I too have had those CHARLIE HORSES! ANd I totally agree with you! They really do hurt! They are awful! I hate milk so I guess it's my fault.

Awesome Mom said...

Wow, I will have to send my hubbie over next time I get pregnant. Usually I end up in tears while trying to massage it out.

FloraBeth said...

When I get them I jump straight out of bed as fast as I can and stand on the offending leg. I guess it has the same affect as slamming a fist into the bottom of your foot.
So that is a tip for all the single ones who don't have a companion equipped with the "slamming fists" ability...LOL

P.S. I feel your pain!!

Danielle said...

Hey, I REALLY liked your last post about the sz drug honeymoon. Very good. But I am also sorry :(

J. No said...

"Nay", said Charlie...

Rachel said...

Probably the thing I hated MOST about pregnancy... Bah! to lack of calcium

Annie said...

I found this post via Google search for "Charlie horse pregnancy." Needless to say, I had my first this weekend. Hubby thought our 22-pound dog stepped on me. No, our Boston Terrier couldn't cause that pain!