Wednesday, November 12, 2008

To Jes and Jon

Just wanted to let you both know how much Chris, the kids, and I appreciate all your years of service and especially the times you put yourselves in harms way for OUR sake.

It's because of you that we are able to own our own home.

It's because of you that we are able to homeschool.

It's because of you that we are able to worship however we wish.

It's because of you that we can seek out the best doctors this country has to offer.

And it's because of you that I am still able to send out this email (because we still have electronic communications intact), put gas in my car (because the oil fields are protected over there), buy food at the grocery store (because al qaida hasn't poisoned our water supply), forget where the community bomb shelter is (because you took the war to THEM), and NOT worry if my whole world will change tomorrow (because I live in AMERICA).

We love you guys so much! Knowing that you've taken care of us this way, just makes us love you more!

Oh, and don't forget PROUD :)

(We also want to thank Grandpa and Pop, who served in and survived WWII and Vietnam's because of you that we still live in the greatest nation in the world!)


Elizabeth said...

Amen. :)

AlabamaBrands said...

good post!
Thanks from me too!

jes said...

thank you love :)

pushypaws said...

Ditto! Never to be taken for granted ... never to be forgotten. I am proud, humbled. Thank you Kelly for expressing the heart of it.

Pink Slippers said...

Hi Kelly,
I hope you are warm and cozy with the family. The weather here is cold then warm. One minute I'm turning the heat up then back down. This crazy place called California. lol! Happy New Year.
Sometimes I wouldn't mind a little storm to keep us all in (Chirs too!).