Thursday, March 20, 2008

Deere Season

Michaela is thoroughly enjoying her spring vacation. Well, when she's not thinking about school, that is. In fact, every night, she makes me pray for her to have a good day at school "when it's time." She's dying to see "her friends" again.

I must admit, I'm NOT dying for her to go back to school.

I've enjoyed having her here this past week. Chris and I decided to take her off of one of her meds, and she's been so calm and easy going ever since. I would have to say that 90% of her "bad" behaviors are gone. She's been able to concentrate on things and enjoy her favorite Blue's Clue's game for hours (she hasn't had the attention span for it in months). I don't usually let the kids play computer games for that long, but when you see her playing "I Spy" like a pro, it's really hard to make her stop. It's just so cool.

She also has discovered the power wheels that the kids have had for a couple of years now. It's a John Deere tractor, and much too small for her, yet she doesn't know that. She just decided to sit down on it one day.

And then it moved....

And just in case you couldn't tell how she felt about the whole experience...

As her mom, I gotta tell ya I'm pretty psyched to see her enjoying this thing so much. She's never been able to ride a bicycle. In the last few years, it's been obvious that she's wanted to, but she just didn't have enough strength and coordination to get the thing going. I've caught her sitting on those bikes made for like, 3 year-olds: all crouched with legs folded up to her ears. And I've wanted to mentally will her to be able to ride it---just for a little bit. Just to see her feel the cool euphoria of self-propelled motion. I was an emphatic bike rider as a kid. I wish we could share that.

But she can't, and I've let go of that dream. But This! This tractor thingy! So close to riding a bike. The precursor to driving a car (another first I won't get). I tell ya, I could let her drive this thing all day if the battery wouldn't wear out.

And her legs wouldn't get cramped from being all stuck up like that.

Anyone know of a "big kids" tractor/power wheels/driving thingy? She may be enjoying herself immensely, but I'M the one who's hooked!

An awesome spring vacation. Just wonderful.


J. No said...


You could get her a Gator.

(But that might be overdoing it a bit.)

Nicky said...

okay... you like to make me get all teary-eyed don't you.

Dana said...

I love seeing her smile!!! We had to find something bigger for Blake, too. The legs... The cramps.... We opted for a golf cart, but he is a little older and you know our situation. She looks so happy telling about riding.

JSmith5780 said...

I have had such a rough week and this has just made it SO much better!

It would be great if she could learn to ride a bike. I heard about this organization last year. I don't believe I saw any camps in your area, but maybe they can give you some suggestions. or my blog post

Power wheels? How about a go-kart? You can get small ones and they are low to the ground so they are stable.

Just some thoughts...
Happy Spring!