Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brighter Than

This morning when I woke up Michaela, she was singing this hymn from church:

We have a hope
Within our souls
Brighter than the perfect day
God has given us His Spirit
And we want the world to hear it
All our doubts are passed away

I'm not so sure why she had this one stuck in her mind. I don't believe we've sung it recently. It was kind of interesting how she started singing before she opened her eyes. And even though she had the words a little messed up ("We have a soul within our soul"), and her speech was garbled (you only would've known what she was singing if you recognized the tune), it was neat to see her enjoying such a good song. She didn't want to stop when I told her to be quiet (ya know, cuz no one else really wanted to be awake at 6), so she whispered it instead.

And of course, because I also know the song, I couldn't help but have the verses run through my head (she was singing the chorus). This one in particular, was the one that came to mind:

Life will end in joyful singing
"I have fought a faithful fight"
Then we'll lay our armor down
And our spirits freed from earthly ties
Shall take their happy flight
To possess a starry crown

I dunno. I think this one is pretty appropriate for a handicapped child with a life-threatening condition. Doncha think?

"Faithful fight" indeed!


AlabamaBrands said...

Awwww. That SO sweet.
I'm glad you shared.
You might have to request it tonight...

jes said...

pretty awesome kelly. give her a big hug and kiss for me. will ya?

Dana said...

This is the first chance I have got to sit down and check in on you in a few days. This post really hit me in that tender spot. What an awesome song for her to be singing. Much better than the "Days of the Week." I am honored to get to hear her sing all day ---- and laugh too. She has had a great week.

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